Alternative masks – feet, hair & nails!

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Now we all know I’m fan of a good face mask, who isn’t?  However when I spotted these masks from 7th Heaven at the Bloggers Festival, well I had to grab a few!  I’m regretting not grabbing more to be honest.  I have two from the Spa line – the Soften Sock Masque and the Strengthen Nail & Cuticle Finger Masques.  Then for my hair I picked up the Argan Oil Rescue Masque. I give myself a mini spa treat and managed to relax for almost half hour!  That’s pretty good going for me during the week.

Finger Masques

I’ve never used cuticle & nail masques before, so this was quite a novel experience.  They were simple to use, as you can see they are all attached in a perforated strip and the cream stays inside the little individual sleeves, which are lightly sealed.  I would recommend separating them along the perforated lines before you start putting them on, otherwise it just gets fiddly.

I cleaned my hands, popped these on and sat on my bum for 15 / 20 mins.   These contain Argan, Macadamia oil and Pomegranate.  Once on, they are really quite comfortable – I may have massaged the cream into my nails a wee bit too, my nails are so dehydrated, seriously.  I was quite pleased when, after 20mins, I took them off, my nails definitely felt less dry!  There was of course some cream left over, so I massaged in the left overs.  I’m a fan of these and I can see them becoming a regular feature in my pampering sessions!  It was quite nice to be unable to play with my phone for a bit, so if nothing else, these are a must when chilling out.

nail mask

Sock Masques

These were definitely a very new experience.  After years of being a dancer, I have never had any kind of pedicure or used any sort of mask on my feet.  I’ve been known to use moisturisers and I have soaked injured feet in the past, but that was as far as it went.  These masks have almond oil, shea butter, soybean and peppermint, all aimed at helping dry skin to re-hydrate and nourish.  These are attached to each other, so again the cream stays firmly within the socks.

Once my feet were cleaned, I separated the socks and discovered the little mesh socks inside.  I popped them on and put my feet up.  Now, it did feel weird, did I mention that I don’t generally soak my feet in creams?  It was nice though after a day at work to put my feet up – I’d definitely recommend these if you’re on your feet all day, they would definitely help sort achy feet right out.  After 20mins – or maybe slightly longer, I took them off and massaged my feet.  I do think my feet felt much softer.  Although they might not be something I use frequently, I do think I’ll trying them out again.  My feel felt much softer the next day, even after my shower.

foot mask

Did I mention how cute the socks were on?  I mean seriously!

foot mask on feet

Hair Masque

OK so no photos of this mask on as I was actually in the shower when I used it.  We do not need shower selfies people.  I washed my hair as normal and then applied this mask liberally, then just got on with my shower.  I left it about 5mins, I don’t have long showers in the morning.  It was simple to rinse out and it didn’t feel like there was any residue.  This mask focuses on healthy, strong hair with the added bonus of helping to tame frizz and promote shine.  All the things my hair needs at the minute.  My hair definitely did feel very soft with minimal fluffing after using the mask.  So a bit of a win.  It also did look wonderfully shiny and healthy afterward too, so I’m quite pleased with the result.  You could easily get two uses out of the packet as well.  I would recommend checking them out, I may try some more from their line.  They’re available from Primark.  I’m generally a fan of 7th Heaven, I’ve loved them since they were Montague Jeunesse.  They offer wonderful, affordable masks and are available in multiple locations, from boots to primark.  I’m sure you’ll find a mask for you.

Are there any from the 7th Heaven line that you’ve tried?  Or any other masks that you’d like me to try out?  Thanks a million for reading!

4 thoughts on “Alternative masks – feet, hair & nails!

  1. They do a lovely clay sheet mask too, but it’s hard to track down. And now that you’re no longer a foot mask virgin, you need to try a peeling foot mask which will make all the hard skin on your feet peel off. Totally gross but really worth it.

    1. I’ll have to try it! Yep I’ve been using their sheet masks for quite a while – although I’ve not bought them recently….I may have stocked up. Only one left now. I’m scared of getting rid of my hard skin, that took me lots of dancing to build it up. I will feel very final when I start to sort out my feet properly – I’ll have definitely retired then. I am interested in it though 🙂

    1. All the random masks – now I need to find one of those body masks, the ones that make you shrink? My set will be complete. Finger ones are cool, less weird than the feet ones.

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