So in the last few days I’ve had a mini meltdown of sorts.  So all the weeping, self doubt and general need to hide under a stone.  I didn’t want to keep moving forward with my start up, I didn’t know enough, there are people doing it better…all sorts of negative thoughts spinning around my head. Let’s talk about how I got to this point and how I bounce back on my feet.  I doubt I’m alone in any of this, so I thought it might be worth a chat!

Quick rundown of what I’ve been up to.  I’ve been continuing to post three videos a week, sometimes four when I’ve been doing lots of fun things.  I’ve been posting blog posts four times a week.  These are grand, nothing too overwhelming.  I’ve also been learning lots and lots.  I mean given any free moment I was reading books, listening to podcasts, investigating something new.  I have a wonderful client that I’ve been doing work for, I’m doing lots of research for my new client and trying to put my client in the best position possible for kicking off her social media journey.

Lastly there is a very important factor, poor diet and lack of sleep.  I had been up late working on new business, building my brand and trying to squeeze in as much as I could.  Plus when you enjoy when you’re doing you don’t realise the time going by.  Also, because I was distracted learning and doing, I was not taking the small amount of time needed to eat properly.  I consumed so much chocolate recently, as well as crisps and other random junk food.

This all came to a head this week.  A good friend asked a few questions and that night when I was getting ready for bed, it all came bubbling up.  I ended up in floods of tears, gibbering to my poor husband.  Thankfully he has more sense than me and was able to calm me down.

How to bounce

Something I would recommend, talk it out to a friend if you can.  Someone that will listen and remind you that you are going to be ok, that you can totally do this.  Or if no one is about, get online.  There are lots of groups out there and there will be people going through similar.  Chat to people.  So 5 tips aside from this to help you get back on your feet.

1. Give your head space

I’ve talked before about listening to podcasts and constantly doing something.  I’ve started making sure I don’t do it all of the time. I will walk too and from work without listening to anything, or I’ll go for a walk on my lunch break, or I’ll just make sure I’ve a quiet hour to myself.  Give myself some space to allow my brain to breathe.

2. Don’t be hard on yourself

There are only so many hours in the day, you need to be realistic in what you can actually achieve in a day.  Don’t beat yourself up if you’re not able to accomplish everything you set out to do.  You may have underestimated how long things would take.  Be kind to yourself and be a bit more realistic in what you are able to do.  I’ve come up with new plans all about chunking up my work better and breaking it down into more bite sized chunks.

3. Sleep!

One of my big downfalls was entirely underestimating how much I need sleep.  It will entirely knock you out of whack.  You’re not able to think straight and you’ll spiral into a big old mess.  A good night of sleep will do you all manner of good.  Trust me.  I need a good 7.5hours, 8 is preferable but not always achievable.

4. Don’t eat so much junk

I consumed so much sugar in the last couple of weeks, seriously.  I was constantly on sugar highs and lows.  Plus all sorts of other fun junk food.  A little bit of what you fancy is grand, however, large amount of the same…not so much.  My body was entirely out of whack.  We all know by now the negative impact junk food can have on your hormone balance as well as our general feelings of wellbeing.  Did I also mention the large quantities of coffee?  Yeah… not good.  Post meltdown, I’ve not had the urge to reach for anything like that at all. Apart from a coffee or two, I’ve vastly cut down.

5. Don’t overthink it

This one is easier said than done.  It can be easy to focus on everything that can go wrong.  These sort of thought can bring you to a juddering halt.  They can paralyse you with fear.  Stop dwelling on them.  We all know what could go wrong, it’s important to be aware of these things.  I try to switch my focus on to all the things that could go right.  What it would be like if I hit my goals.  I was given two great bits of advice, keep myself so busy I can’t think about everything that could go wrong – obviously while still making sure you take a break, eating properly and sleeping!  Second bit of advice, do it before you’re ready.  We could plan until we’re blue in the face, best to just get on.  Dust yourself off and move forward.

So this is where I’m currently at!  I thought it would be worth sharing my experience and how my life was progressing forward!  Plus all the downsides.  I’m dusting myself off and I’m already feeling massively better about it all.  I’ve come up with a new work plan, I’ll share it soon.

4 thoughts on “Overwhelmed

  1. This is such a helpful post, thank you so much aine. I’m not even kidding. I had a meltdown this week too about my job hunting and changes in my life and I really don’t understand why I’m getting so overwhelmed and emotional. All these tips are so on point, I really do need to stop over thinking and need to get back to my healthy habits to make myself feel better. Thanks!!!


    1. It’s so easy to get overwhelmed entirely. Healthy habits are a must to help keep our bodies in good knick & help keep our head in a good space. I’m so glad you found it a useful reminder. You’ll get what is right for you my lovely, keep on keeping on 😉

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