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Brighton Marina has undergone quite a few changes of late, including new restaurants , which is rather good news!  MOD Pizza is one of the recent additions, one I’d never heard of before.  MOD has a great ethos, it’s all about providing a quick, affordable meal, while also having a positive impact on it’s staff and the community it serves.  This shines through when you walk in the doors, the staff are very friendly and are all buzzing with joy.  It vaguely reminded me of the Disney store, all the happy people, with the added benefit of fresh pizza!  It was a contagious environment to be in, in a very positive way.

 I was a wee bit hesitant going to the blogger event, even in Brighton there are only a handful of places that make gluten free pizza.  After Lynsday from Fizzy Peaches confirmed they make gluten free pizza, I thought, sure why not!  Note, it’s fine for gluten intolerant but not suitable if you’re allergic to gluten as all pizzas are baked in the same oven.  I’m so pleased I went along.

Hanging LightsMOD Picture Wall Brighton

First of all the interiors are rather fun!  Colourful images on the walls, hanging lightbulbs and light airy open dining area.  They have a great selection of pizza and of course you can make up your own, they’ve also a few salads on offer.  There is also a number of different drink options available, I was a bit of a fan of their fountain drinks – the raspberry lemonade was rather good.  One of the girls did a bit of a half & half, iced tea & lemonade!  I might try it next time.  For pizza I tried the tristan, which had mozzarella, mushrooms, roasted red peppers, asiago and pesto drizzle finish, I even got some extra black olives…I may be going through a black olive phase at the minute.

As you can see it turned out rather wonderful.  The gluten free pizza was nice and thin – I’m a fan of thin pizzas.  It was light and very tasty. I thoroughly enjoyed the blend of flavours.  Definitely recommend trying out the tristan.  Some of the girls had the garlic strips and found them very tasty.  I may have stuffed myself on my pizza – I even had a few slices to take home with me.  I did manage to leave room for a wee bit of dessert in the form of a MODShake, I went for a mix – strawberry with mint chips.  So tasty.  Seriously.  It was so thick I could barely get it up the straw!  Some of the group had the cinnamon strips too, they smelt wonderful and from what the girls said, they tasted as good as they smelt.  Damn you gluten.

MOD Gluten Free Pizza

We were given a little goody box to take home, it had a fun beach ball – that will be coming out when we go camping… as well as a cap, stickers and vouchers for more pizza!  My husband has already attempted to “borrow” my cap…nope, it’s mine.  If you fancy more of a look at MOD, including how they make the pizzas, you can check out my latest vlog post.

MOD Piza Goodie Box

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