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I met some of the folks from Borough Box at the Big Blogger Expo event and we caught up afterwards to discuss all things gluten free.  I’m still figuring it all out, getting a gluten free box of good things makes life a bit easier!  I was a bit excited to get all of these to be honest, I’ve only tried The Primal Pantry bars before, the rest were all new to me!  I’ll be honest, the Primal Pantry bars disappeared pretty quickly, well ya know, a girl gets peckish and they are excellent with a cup of tea or chucked into the handbag for on the go.   So definitely recommend adding them to your order! Let’s discuss what the Borough Box is before we get sucked into all the rather nommy food.

The Borough Box is an online foodie service in short.  It connects foodies with specialist sellers, it’s an excellent way of supporting artisan, independent food & drink businesses.  You can order a box stuffed with goodies as a gift, or ya know, treat yourself!  I think it’s a fun way to discover new food while still supporting independent sellers, in fact they have a discovery club that you can sign up to!  So if want to try new foods but you’ve no idea where to start, it might be an option to consider.  I’m a fan of building my own box, you can pick what you like the look of and put it all together.   My particular box was built for me with the gluten free thing in mind.  I was more than a little bit delighted with the products I was sent and it turned into a great way to spend some time with my husband.

We spent late Sunday afternoon, having an indoor picnic.  I made a simple salad and used the Pumpkin Seed Oil as dressing, with a pinch of the Pink Himalayan Salt, very tasty.    Simon was very excited about the Beef Biltong, something he’s been wanting to try for a while.  I was surprised at how tasty it was.  I’ve no idea how to best describe the flavour, interesting, but tasty.  Definitely not something I would’ve picked up myself.

I loved the Basil infused Olive Oil for dipping, I think it would add some life to a plain pasta dish.  I will likely give it a whirl during the week.  It is beautiful, with the rich flavour of the Basil, I could easily just spend the day dipping crusty bread in this oil.  So nice.  You can find the oils and salt included in one of the gift hampers.

Borough Box Picnic Borough Box Picnic Sideview Gluten Sourdough Bread

I baked that Gluten free Sourdough bread all by myself.  If you want to see the baking shenanigans, you can check out the latest vlog.  It turned out pretty well, although I may not have left it long enough to proof, the crust was a wee bit tough.  I was still impressed with my first attempt at making gluten free sourdough bread!  Just before we ran out of the bread we remembered the Vegetarian Caviar!  Excuse the state of the slices, they’re rustic….  I was pleasantly surprised by the caviar.  I’m a fan of seaweed anyway, but this was lovely.  I’m not sure why, but I was a bit put off by the thought of this, but I will be adding it to my toast for snacking.  The texture is a wee bit odd, like mini jelly eggs, but it’s grand once you get used to it.

Vegetarian Caviar

I rounded out the picnic with a cup of tea and the bar of Mint Rawr chocolate.  I did share it with my husband, but sadly (wonderful for me), he’s not a big chocolate fan.  The mint flavour of this made me think of after eight chocolate but tastier and much more rich.  It was the perfect finish to an afternoon of snacking!

So what would you include in the box? Or which box would you pick as there are already quite a few options to choose from.  I have a few foodie friends that may have one of these delivered over the next few months.  It was a wonderful surprise opening the box and I’m delighted to have discovered some products that I will definite buy more of.  It’s always fun discovering new food, so let me know what you fancy of the site, I can add it to my wishlist!

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