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Last week I went along to the Big Blogger Expo.  It was so much fun.  Side note, did you know it’s practically impossible to take pictures of floating balloons all lined up?  The laughs we had trying to turn the balloons and take a picture before they twisted again!  There were some wonderful brands there to chat with and that is part of my excuse for lack of event photos.  I spent the entire time chatting to the brands, some I will definitely be getting in touch with.  I also met some new bloggers and youtubers which I’ve now mostly found on various social media – although I’ve still a few more to locate.  The 3 hours went past in an absolute flash!  We almost ran out of time to talk to everybody!

We were greeted at the door by Borough Box, they had some wonderful food samples out for tasting, including some gluten free bread that tasted fantastic.  There was also these fig discs, some primal bars, some utterly divine honeys – I will be investigating the honey further, in particular the orange chocolate.  There was a great selection.

Borough Market Fig

Another brand I managed to take a few snaps off was the Jewellery box, I’ve heard of this brand before, in me head I thought it was a subscription box…yes I know, odd notion.  It is in fact a normal jewellery website.  There were the cutest pieces out, including some dinosaur necklaces that I fell in love with.

Jewellery Box RingsJewellery Box Dinosaur Necklaces

Seriously, how cute?! There are lots of beautiful pieces on the website.  A brand I will investigate further is Two Three.  They had a very cool bomber on display as well as a few distressed t-shirts.  Holly may have bought one on the day, she was very excited by this!  I also loved the style of Onepiece.  They were there as part of the Brandbassador.  I may have fallen in love with some of Onepiece’s hoodies…it’s my birthday this month, I may have to get one, if you’re interested in any of their pieces you can use the discount code 1K6Y10, always good to share the love!  There were so many other brands, you probably seen snippets of them in my latest vlog.

The Goody Bags

I should point out, the main point of the day is to make connections and discover new brands that you want to work with etc.  However, it is always nice to receive a few lovely products.  Especially if like myself you have to travel up for it.  Each bag was slightly different, so this is what was in mine.  First lifestyle products.  From Westlab I was given two bags of Epsom Salts! Perfect for the bath after the gym, or any kind of exercise.  They have a whole range of salts that work wonders.   I also received two bags of the Chia bia, I have the Chia & Blueberry mix and the Chia and Cranberry mix.  Excellent timing as I’ve just ran out of my chia seeds.  I love these for my smoothies.  I’ve kindly donated the Border Dark Chocolate Gingers to my husband, I’d two packets…very tasty.  I’m very impressed with myself for not inhaling the Ombar Coco  Mylk bar. I’ve not really eaten many raw cacao products, so can’t wait to have this with a cuppa.  I’m a bit excited to try this little sachet from Aduna Baobab, it’s a superfruit powder.  Always good to fit in extra goodness when we can.
Lifestyle Goodies Other

Beauty and Style

Now for all the rest! I’m going to whizz through these.  From Onepiece and Brandbassador I was given a cap, lanyard and pop socket (very excited about this).  From the lovely girls at Dr Paw Paw I was were given an original balm and a tinted peach pink balm.  From 4 You By You I got this Instant Effect Lash serum.  From Living Proof I got a healthy hair dry shampoo (which I’ve tested already and thoroughly enjoy) and humidity shield.

From the Jewellery Box I got this gorgeous cut out heart necklace and a pair of very cute dinosaur earrings Woot!  From amie I have the Morning Dew Matte Finish Moisturiser and Morning Clear Purifying Facial wash.  I have two hair oils from Natural World, the Chia Seed Oil and Brazilian Keratin. I will be using this asap! 
Beauty and Fashion Goodies

From Creightons I have The Curl Company curl defining mousse ( might be useful when I decide to curl my hair).  I have a set of false lashes from JB Lashes.  Last but not least I have a Silk Skin Bee Bee Cream from Heaven by Deborah Mitchell.  Which I’ve used a few times and really enjoy too.

OK if you made it this far, well done!  High fives and all the good stuff.  I will be reviewing these as I use them, I’m so excited to try these all out.  If you’d like to watch the haul you can check out the video down below

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