August Favourites

August Favourites 2016

Summer seems to be only warming up but we’re racing towards Autumn!  Brighton does have it’s own little climate, so I’m kinda hoping the warm weather hangs about longer.  Aside from all that, we’re here to talk favourites for August!  I’ve a mix of the normal lifestyle, beauty and random youtuber favourites.  I really should start including bloggers too. Next month.

Lifestyle Favourites

I’m massively reducing the amount of coffee I drink, so I’ve switched to nice teas instead!  First up we have Pique Tea, I got a few samples of this crystalised tea and I’m thoroughly impressed!  No teabag to throw out, the crystals arrive in little sachets that you add to your water.  I was a wee bit nervous of these, but they’re honestly very tasty.  I tried the sencha organic green tea, jasmine organic green tea and earl grey, I’d recommend them all.  It’s so handy to have these in your bag – particularly if like me you tend to have a flask handy to make a fresh brew when you’re out travelling about.  No need to worry about getting the teabags out or having to find a bin for the used bag.

The second tea is London Tea Company.  I was lucky enough to win a box of their tea after attending the Blogosphere Summer Party.  I fell in love with their iced peach and rhubarb tea – so much so, I’ve actually got a jug of it in the fridge at the minute.  They do a massive selection of teas.  So far I’d recommend the sencha green tea, earl grey, chai vanilla, peach and rhubarb and the London breakfast.  I’ve more to try and no doubt, more favourites to discover.  I was surprised with the chai vanilla – I’ve never found a chai tea that I enjoyed.  This one, I finished the entire mug and I’ve had more than one cup of it.  Win.  They make incredibly smooth tea, it goes down really nicely.

The last life favourite is my new white Carly office desk* from Argos.  I finally have somewhere I can work away all day.  It has made a massive difference in my productivity.  I’m actually getting stuff done and I don’t end up with sore shoulders.  It’s nice to have an allocated space to do work too.  It helps keep things separated a wee bit.

August Favourite Lip Swatches


I’ve one skin care favourite this month.  The Body Shop Ginseng & Rice Clarifying Polish Mask has been magical.  I’ve been trying out yet more skin care that seems to clog my face – the sacrifices I make just so I can share skin care reviews…well ya know I love it, so it’s grand.  Especially if I have this mask on hang to have unclog my face and sort it all out again.  This gives a deep cleanse and as you’re washing it off, you give yourself some light exfoliation.  It is the bees knees.  In the run up to SitC, I used this a few times in a bid to get my skin back under crontrol.  Within about 5 days it was all settled down again and much clearer.  Magic stuff.  Definitely recommend checking out the new line of masks from The Body Shop!

I’ve been loving mostly peachy looks at the minute, so of course, peach sheer lips!  From the top we have NYX Butter Gloss* in peach cobbler, Almay Liquid Lip Balm* in Apricot Pucker and Dr Paw Paw Peachy Pink* balm.  They’re all super comfortable on the lips, perfect for keeping in your handbag and touching up repeatedly throughout the day.  They’re also all quite sheer on the lips, so they don’t distract from a more dramatic eyelook, or if you’re going for a pared down look, these match.    The only lip colour that isn’t peach is the MUD lipstick in Burlesque. It’s such a beautiful, rich, vibrant raspberry almost red shade.  It’s just fabulous on the lips.  Very creamy, doesn’t dry out my lips and it has immense staying power.  Expect a review on a few of the MUD products I’ve been testing out very soon.

August Favourite Powder Swatches

I’ve two face products I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this month, the Catrice Illuminating Blush Coral Me Maybe  and Soap & Glory Glow All Out *.  The catrice blush adds such a wonderful summery flush to my cheeks, with a small amount of tiny glittery highlight.  It vaguely reminds me of NARS orgasm on that front.  So perfect as a two in one – blush & highlighter.  The Glow All Out is almost a matt highlighter.  I know, that doesn’t make sense, bear with me.  It adds more of a soft diffused look to the skin.  Oddly I’ve been pairing these two together.  I think it looks stunning, then again I’m bias!  I am wearing them in my favourites video, so you can check that out for a nosy.

Online Favourites

The last favourite is a youtuber favourite.  I’ve been really enjoying watching Sara Dietschy.  She’s such a nice, lovely person that has lots of drive and is achieving things.  She’s also someone I can relate to and inspires me to keep moving forward.  Her videos are beautifully edited and overall she is an inspiring creator. Go check her out.

Sara Dietschy


That’s it for this month’s favourites!  Let me know what your favourites are, I’m always up for discovering new things!  Thanks a million for reading all of that.  If you want you can check out the video below, or pop over to my youtube channel – Honestly Aine and subscribe for video updates…and to make a girl super happy.


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