No32 Burger Feast!

No32 Island Bar

I recently went to a rather fun evening at No32 with Yelp. It was a Burger Feast evening and unsurprisingly, it was all about the burgers and milkshakes.  I’m a fan of both, so I was of course going to pop along.  Add in that I knew a few others going, well I was pleased to have an evening out filled with food and friends!  Winning combination.  I’ve been in No32 before, but not in a while and I have to say it’s looking rather good.  It gives off a bit of a steampunk vibe, which I’m loving.  Some massively oversized industrial lights, actually quite a few interesting light fixtures, I mean where else would you find a chandelier made of glasses?

No32 Glasses chandelier

I may have also fallen in love with this nook.  Comfy chairs, near the bar, nice open view.  Needless to say I could’ve spent hours just relaxing in here eating and drinking.

No32 Comfy Leather Chairs

But what about the food I hear you cry?!  Well I must say I did enjoy my dinner.  First up we had our milkshakes, I went with banana flavour.  It’s always a toss up between mint or banana, banana won this time.  It was delicious.  Thick and creamy, verging on icecream,  with plenty of flavour.  I had to restrain myself and make it last, I could’ve easily finished it in seconds.  Very tasty.

No32 Banana Milkshake

As you know I’m having to cut 90% of gluten from my diet, which is harder than it seems!  Damn these medical conditions.  I got the falafel and halloumi burger.  I’m a fan of falafel, so I was pleased with the option.  It was very tasty, although a tad on the dry side.  As is often the way with falafel, salad or sauce is required!  I just added a touch of mayo and it sorted it right out.  We also got a serving of fries and pickles.  I’m all about the pickles at the minute – thinking about it, I should’ve added that to my burger, I just enjoyed devouring it on it’s own instead!  The chips were also pretty tasty.

I shared a table to Holly from Closing Winter and Tania from Teabee, we had so much fun.  Lots of catching up to do and thankfully because we are all bloggers, it was entirely acceptable to take lots of photos!  Love hanging out with other bloggers!  They both went with classic burgers and I was a wee bit jealous.  They looked amazing and they both confirmed that they were very tasty.  They both appeared in the latest vlog, which you can go over and check out here if you fancy a chuckle!

No32 Burger Feast No32 GF FalafelHalloumi Burger

All in all, it was a great evening.  The venue was wonderful, the food was pretty good and the company was wonderful.  I’d definitely recommend checking it out if you’re in Brighton.  Plenty of food and drink options available, plus with a beautiful outside space upstairs, it makes it an excellent location to spend a sunny afternoon or evening.

No32 Outdoor Area Upstairs

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    1. Isn’t it cool, what would be better is if the island was slightly more to the right, then the alignment would be amazing! Thank you my lovely 😉

  1. Oh my oh my, when I visit Brighton I am definitely going here, I do love me some mighty fine burgers! (If you’re good I might treat you to a banana milkshake!)

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