Makeup Use Up Update 2!

Makeup Use Up Update 2

It’s been a few months since I’ve given you an update on my Makeup Use Up, well you’ve not have an update since mid-March in fact.  I recommend having a quick look at that update post, just so you can see the difference in my makeup.  Or if you really fancy you can go all the way back to the first post from January to see what I started with.   For now, let’s get stuck in with what we’ve got.

Products I’m binning

I’m throwing out a few products.  Part of this exercise is to confirm which products I like and dislike and I’ve been really struggling with a few products.  First up is the Mac Pro Longwear concealer.  I have barely touched this since January and I honestly think it’s past it’s use-by date.  I stopped being a massive fan of this as it really creased under my eyes and generally ended up looking cakey.  Time to go.

I’m also throwing out the Smashbox Photo Finish Lid Primer.  I love this when I first got it, but then it just didn’t work too well for me any more.  I tried it on a few different friends (yes it was sanitary), but it just didn’t work particularly well.  Chances are, it was also past it’s use-by date and it just wasn’t going to work well any more.

The final two products that I’m getting rid of, the bareMinerals matte foundation in Fair and the Well rested concealer.  I just fell out of love with these products and stopped using them so often.  Again, they’re past their best.  Something I’m realising, yet again, that I need to get better at using up products within their use-by date.  It’s so hard when you get distracted by the latest release!

Products I finished

I’ve finally finished the Urban Decay De-Slick Mattifying face powder.  I did enjoy using this and it did work well for me, setting my face.  I would recommend checking this out if you’re looking for a new compact face powder.  I’m so delighted to finish it, even though I did love it.  I’ve so many more to use up!

What’s left?

Benefit Dandelion blush, look how much that has come on!  Compared to March there is a noticeable difference, in the size of the pan showing and if you could see it side on, you’d also so how far down it has dropped.  So pleased with myself, although it has been to the detriment of other blushes, so I need to find a balance.  Still.  Go me!  The Finch medium pencil from Illasmasqua, well it hasn’t dropped nearly as much as I anticipated back in March.  To be honest, it got forgotten about..More effort required on that front!

I’ve also been slacking in using my Bourjois Java Rice Powder, but then it’s going to be hard to see any kind of difference, unless it’s a massive one.  The same applies to the Chanel lipstick samples.  It’ve definitely used more, just not massive amounts.  Must try harder!  I always seem to forget to bring a lip brush with me and the wee one that lives in the packet, well it often just grows leg.  The are lovely lipsticks.  I just have to get back in the habit of using them again.

Sadly my Wet n Wild Brulee had a smashing time since the last update.  Sad times, mostly because it did actually have a noticeable dent!  I’m still using it up on an almost daily basis and I’m thinking about repressing it, I should really!  Love it none the less and I’m determined to finish it off.  I tend to apply it after applying my eyelid primer, before I apply any other eyeshadows.

Lastly we’re down to the NYX blush in Taupe.  This stuff rocks my socks!  I’m still using it on an almost daily basis and it’s barely showing signs of it.  There is definitely a bigger dent and the edges of the little squares are more prominent, meaning the product is going on.  I’m sure I’ll hit pan on of these days!  A girl can dream.

So that’s it for this update.  If you want a closer look at anything, you can check out the video below or better yet, you can subscribe to my main youtube channel!




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    1. Do it! It’s incredibly satisfying to either use stuff up or finally throw out products that just don’t work for you. Seriously worth doing. You can see what you actually have then!

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