I’ve Almost Quit

I've Almost Quit

Today would have technically been my last day in work.  Instead it is my last day of being a full time employee!  So it’s closer to my final goal.  There’s lots of reasons behind my decision, so I thought to mark the day, I would share all of this with you!

Why did I decide to stay on?

So as I’ve discussed in my first post I Quit, I mentioned the issues I was experiencing with a member of staff.  This person has now moved on to other things, so there is a has been a collective sigh.  I’m feeling less anxiety when I’m going to work, or if I have to be on call with this person and generally the atmosphere has improved.  So that has been a massive improvement.

As this person has left the team, we’ve gone from 6 to 5.  Another member of the team is off on sabbatical very soon, so we’d go from 5 to 4.  Add in me leaving and that would cut the team in half effectively.  All within a very short period of time.   I know it’s not my responsibility as such, but I’d rather not dump on the team if I can help it.  I work with some excellent people and I don’t need to make it harder for them to transition.  A new team lead role has been advertised, so I’ve no doubt we’ll find a replacement soon.  I will return to being a normal member of staff.

By stepping back from being the team lead, I have the option to go part time.  This means I’m going to be working Monday through Wednesday in the office, leaving Thursday through Sunday as my time.  I took a week off last week, a mix of holiday time and unpaid leave.  I spent this time really focusing on what I had to do and to be honest I barely scratched the surface.  I focused a lot on my own social media presence, which has helped me prove a few theories.  I’ve also purchased all my business urls – I’ll do a big announcement once I go “live”.  I also picked up the matching social media accounts.  I had multiple meetings and officially now have a client to work with, as well as proposal to another client going through.  Both very exciting.  I’ve started a branding course, an area I need to polish up on.  Along with all the other boring admin things that are needed.

When I say I’ve barely scratched the surface, I really mean it.  Having this week off has been wonderful, it has helped confirm that I am on the right path.  That although I was working 14hour days, sometimes longer, I was incredibly happy.  I didn’t notice the time.  I just knew I was going forward.  So I am undoubtedly doing what is best for me.  For now I have some financial security coming from working part time, this means I can be more selective in the work I take on.  I want to make sure I have good working relationships with me client, it must be a good fit for both parties involved.  Having some more financial security helps with this.

 Future Plans

I’m going to keep going forward with my business.  I’m also in the process of writing a book that will make a lot of this much more accessible, this might progress to a course – as we know by now, I’m more comfortable in front of a camera!  So this might evolve into something.

I also have a multitude of blogger/vlogger events going on at the minute, so I will be making sure to share all of these exciting things with you too.

I will take you on every step of my journey to becoming the entrepreneur I know I will be, we’ll learn together and hopefully you can learn from my mistakes!  I wanted to say a massive thank you for the outpouring of support, for allowing me the room to create new content that is removed from the beauty world, for accepting me as I am and cheering me on.  It means the absolute world to me, I doubt I can ever express how much it all means.  Thank you.

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