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I’m taking all the steps forward this week, I shared my facebook blog page with my friends and family, I handed in my resignation at work and now I’m asking you to vote for me.  I’ve been part of the thirty plus community for quite some time now and I’m pleased to tell you that they are running their first ever awards!  Very exciting.  I’m never put myself forward for this sort of thing before, I think it’s about time.  So let’s talk categories.

There are seven categories, which are very unique to the awards.  That all by itself is wonderful, it means bloggers like myself that don’t necessarily fit into a single niche, have more of a chance! The categories include:

  • The Next Big Thing
  • Most Addictive Blog
  • Most Innovative Content
  • Photography Star
  • Social Media Hero
  • Community Star
  • Blogger of the Year

I would be delighted to place in any of these categories to be honest, however I think any of the top four would probably make more sense.  I’ve been slowly shifting the focus of my blog and I’ve been working hard on improving both my photography and the written content.  I cannot ever express how much this would mean to me.  I know I’m not the only blogger that spends their free time creating and sharing their content with the world.  Trying to give honest answers about products, to have a bit of fun or to talk about some of the more serious issues.  I am not alone in trying to push back against the outdated ideas that we become less once we pass the age of 30.  It is worth it no matter if I win or not, but a beautiful award would be a lovely reminder on those harder days that I am heading in the right direction.  I think I would have to have a lie down to recover if I did actually win – followed by a glass or two of prosecco.  There are also heaps of other thirty plus bloggers out there to vote for, go check them out!

So how do you vote I hear you scream, calm down, it’s simple.  You click on this link :  The Thirty Plus Awards and scroll down to the bottom.  Click on the Start button and fill in your details. I cannot thank you enough for taking the time out to vote for me, massive high fives if we ever meet.

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