Summer Shimmy

Stylewe Midi Dress

It’s all about the style today.  The green is wonderfully vibrant and brightens my day.  I may also be a fan of the  net skirt on this two piece dress.  I brings me such joy, it feels so playful!  Perfect for those sunny summer days.

Green Net Skirt

Fringe Top

Stylewe Two Piece Sleeveless Midi Dress || Converse Gold Aviators || Addidas Superstars || Pairie Charms Necklace

I’m loving the bit of fringing around the waistband of the top, so of course I had to have a bit of a shimmy to show it off!  The sunshine may have made me do it…  I felt like pairing this dress up with my Superstars, new shades and an old but loved necklace.  I think it gives the outfit a bit more of an edge and makes it more wearable for me.  You’ve probably noticed I switch from super soft, feminine to the harder, edger looks.  What can I say, like most people I like to switch it up.  I think my hair is inspiring my outfit choices lately, I love the contrast.



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