I Quit!!!

I Quit

So I’ve made a rather exciting decision.  I have decided to quit my job!  I have given 6 weeks notice and I am quitting.  This is due to a few factors, but ultimately this is something I have been thinking about for quite some time.  If you watched my latest vlog, you’ll have seen that I attended the Power of Video conference in Belfast.  This was incredibly inspiring.  It has helped me reach this decision.  I’ve always wanted to work for myself and recently, I had a hell of a catalyst to actually take action!

So reasons for leaving?  I clashed with another member of staff..I say clashed, I challenged her unprofessional, bullying behaviour.  It’s been going on for the best part of a year and it’s only ever improved for short periods of time.  For a while I was staying because I would not give in to that sort of behaviour.  Who would!  It did however start nudging me in the right direction.  I started to rethink what I wanted from my life.   What did I want to achieve?  What made me happy?  Where did I see myself in a few years?

So although it wasn’t the best situation, it was an excellent spark for me to re-engage with my life.  I have had a few “signs” recently that I need to go out and grab this opportunity to make myself happy and healthy again again.  We all have different markers for these things, so I won’t go into detail.  Let’s just say I couldn’t ignore them much longer.  My health has taken a nose dive in recent months and I think a fair chunk of that was due to this situation .  My endometriosis was the worst it has been in years, I always have pain in my shoulders, I was having dizzy spells and my sleeping patterns have gotten progressively worse.  I reckon these were also a bit of a sign to sort myself out.  Life is short folks and you only get one spin around, you’d best make the most of it!

So what are my plans I hear you ask?  Well I’m intending to buff up my editing skills and tackle some very exciting video & blog projects!  I will get started on the projects asap , in fact I’ve planned some excitement this weekend! Expect a very different video on my first channel soon.  I will work my ass off to make sure they’re as good as they can be.  My skills will improve over time, hopefully relatively quickly though as I dedicate more time.

I’m also going into business with my friend, all about social media.  I’m not going to give too much away at this point – watch this space!! I know it seems like my social media isn’t doing much, don’t be fooled.  I’ve been carrying out various little experiments when I’ve had the time (it’s the analytical, science side of me creeping in).  I’ve been gathering data and seeing what does and does not work.   Tied to this I’m also writing up a course and ebook.  Incredibly excited about this, I’ve always wanted to write a book, I just didn’t realise this would be the first one!  More to follow undoubtedly.

I will likely continue to do some software testing on the side.  I utterly love software testing, it’s fun hunting bugs and it also makes me stretch my brain.  I have to figure out new ways of testing things and trying to think like the customer and advocate for the customer.  It’s a very joyous thing.  This may mean I work part time as a tester and part time on my business.  I’m still working out the finer detail but I wanted to share this with you.  Some of you have already noticed that I was entirely out of whack in recent weeks.  It was all just coming to a head.  There is only so much strain a person can take.

I would be very sad to leave my office as I work with excellent people, some of the best people I’ve yet worked with.  It was just a shame that one person was so very toxic.  I should point out that various things were tried to remedy the situation and I believe that things will finally get resolved with said person.  So you never know, I might stay on part time.  For now though, I’m focusing on my very exciting and bright future!

Now I know it seems like I’m taking on a lot, however I know I will refine my goals down over the next 6 weeks and I will come up with a more definitive solution.  I’m going to do a series all about switching from working full time as an employee to working for myself freelancing AND setting up a business with a friend.  SO MANY EXCITING THINGS!  I’ve chatted a bit more about it in the video and you will see a massive change in me in the coming weeks and months.  Thank you for sticking with me!




10 thoughts on “I Quit!!!

    1. WOoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo this is also going on in my head 🙂 So excited! I feel like I should be running around with my hands in the air

  1. Hi Aine, this is the first video/blog post I’ve ever come across of yours but also the only one ever that has made me literally jump out of my chair screaming ‘This Is Me!’- for months I’ve struggled with my ‘will I won’t I’ argument in my head and now I’ve had such a wake up call watching this! Good on you and I wish you every success- you’ve inspired me so thank you 🙂

    1. Excellent! Sometimes when we’re ready, we get the wake up call! Lots of luck moving forward, all the success!!! Go get it!

    1. Thank you!! I’m really looking forward to getting started on the next chapter of my life 🙂 All the excitement!! Thank you x

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