Cafe Rust Brighton

Cafe Rust Brighton

Recently I’ve become more and more interested in food, this may be just a natural state of affairs as more new interesting cafes and restaurants open up, or it might be my new Wriggle app – in my case it’s a combination of both to be honest.  Either way, more lunches out!  It’s rather nice to get away from my desk, even better when I get to spend my lunch hour in lovely  places like Cafe Rust.

This is quite an intimate cafe with the ability to seat about 50 people.  It is full of all the quirk of Brighton and plenty of wonderful food.  I may have spent half my time taking pictures of the cafe for Instagram!  I went with a roasted vegetable quiche with a superfoods salad and it was absolutely delicious.  Everything was bursting with flavour, the salad was sweet and refreshing, while the quiche had a more substantial rounded flavours.  The quiche didn’t feel heavy at all, so this was a nice light but filling lunch.  Perfect for heading back to the office!  I didn’t feel sleepy afterwards at all, it kept me well fuelled for the rest of the day.  Cafe Rust is a family friendly cafe, although I’m unsure on the dog front.  Worth checking, I’m sure the lovely staff can let you know.  I should point out that the staff were indeed lovely, talking through the various options for lunch and they were very polite when they popped my lunch over – even getting me a knife, fork and napkin as I’d already made myself comfortable at the table without them!  Yes I know, muppet.

I’ve noticed Cafe Rust pop up on Tabl too!  They recently had a Spring Social Supper, the menu is making my mouth water just reading it.  They also had a Cook Greek evening.  I love the idea of Tabl, you get to meet new people, new foods and even possibly cook a bit yourself!  I’d recommend checking out Cafe Rust’s facebook page to keep an eye on upcoming events, or Tabl for a wider variety of venues.

I work near the London Road area in Brighton and I’ve started to see more of these quirky cafes open up and I’m delighted!  It was wonderful to see Cafe Rust so busy when I paid a visit.  I will be visiting all the new additions and I hope they continue to bring more life back to the area.  Are there any other locations in Brighton that are worth checking out?  I love seeing smaller local businesses take off, even more so when good food is involved.

Cafe Rust Lunch

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    1. I only recently discovered it, will definitely be heading back for more lunches! It’s just so nice to get out of the office and end up somewhere so lovely!

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