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blogging communities


I don’t think I’m alone in this, but I was a bit late to the blog and youtube game.  I didn’t investigate until the end of my 20s and it’s only in the last year that I’ve actually made a decision to work hard on my blog to improve it and actually take more ownership of it all, rather than it being a hobby that I sometimes engaged with and other times didn’t really bother. In the last year #30plusblogs and #thegirlgang became a thing.  These have been some of the most exciting recent creations, but blogging communities have been around for quite some time.  They’ve had a huge impact on my blogging and video creation.

While I got my start in YouTube I thoroughly enjoy blogging, but I always felt a wee bit out of the loop.  Then I discovered the huge multitude of communities!  It can be hard to feel part of a community, it requires you actually making an effort and participating in the community – talking to people, asking & answering questions, ya know all the good stuff!  However, if you’re anything like me, it can be hard to make that initial connection, how to say hello?  To actually get to know each other.  Now I know it’s entirely irrational but I never felt that I entirely fitted in.  Most bloggers seemed to know each other, they all seemed to be much more aware of everything blog related.  Me, not so much.

For the last month or two I have been focusing on a large personal goal, which has sadly meant I was unable to allow time for all this community fun and that is when I noticed the difference.  I came to the realisation that I missed the interaction, the chats about everything from the latest product, to subjects that impact us everyday.  There are so many different communities out there, go check out all the groups on facebook!  I’m part of the Thirty Plus, Irish Youtubers, FBL:Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle Bloggers, UK & Ireland YouTubers, there are more but I’m sure you get the idea! Of course there are also the regular twitter chats that go on – just search for the hashtag.  I cannot wait to get back to these!  These online groups and chats are great for sharing ideas, if you want to try something new but are unsure how to proceed.  All sorts of advice, support and help are all there, you just have to look for it.  It’s honestly not that scary, you just have to take those first few steps. Introduce yourself, involve yourself in any conversations that interest you, try to be an active member.  People are generally welcoming and will talk to you, you’ll be grand.  I know we’re all short on time, but you can pop on during your lunch, or after work.  I like to have a wee scroll while eating breakfast.  There’s always time.

Aside from all the online communities there are the meet ups that happen! You’ll likely hear about these through the facebook groups and twitter chats, keep your eyes peeled as they are definitely worth attending.  I’ve been to a fair few now and more recently there was a great one in Brighton!  I did write a post all about it which you can check out 🙂  Meet ups are a great way to put a face to an online persona, although in saying that, I’m utterly woeful at recognising faces from online pictures!  So if you see me, please come say hi at the next meet up.  I’ve got chatting to some thoroughly lovely people at the various meet ups and I can’t wait to see their faces soon.

All in all, the communities are what make blogging and making YouTube videos great.  It’s great to share a passion with other like minded people.  If you’re not already part of any of the communities out there, go join in!  Don’t be scared of them, I know they can seem intimidating, but trust me they’re not.  You’ll be thoroughly part of them in no time and wonder how it happened!

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  1. I love the community aspect of blogging and being social so much! Definitely one of my favorite things. The only thing I dislike is that if you get in “too deep” you may find yourself at the center of some weird online drama lol. I avoid that like the plague!

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