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Now I’m not one for doing book reviews, even if I’m a trained librarian and spent a few happy years in the stacks…I may also read a lot.  However, I’ve never done a book review on here,  they’ve definitely popped up in favourites, but no review.   This book is different.   If you are a blogger, I think you’ll thoroughly enjoy this book.  It’s not a particularly heavy read, it is however, insightful, quick witted and immensely enjoyable to read.  It is an overview of Garance’s path to her current livelihood and general life outlook, there are some wonderfully hilarious stories throughout, as well as the odd heartbreak.  All alongside useful bits of advice – on everything from your love life to your style.  I’m not sure I will never fully convey the inspiration I took from this book.  I have found it at the right time in my life, exactly the right point for it to have maximum impact.

Now I won’t give too much away, but if you are an aspiring blogger, or if you are on a less trodden career path, this is a great book.  There are useful insights, without sounding like a self help book – which I am a fan of, but they can sometimes be a bit preachy.  It was interesting to see someone push forward into a career that didn’t necessarily exist in the normal 9-5.  I found it fascinating and this for me was the most inspiring bit.  The various discussions on style gave me a sense of freedom.  I’ve grown into my style more and more in the last few years, this was something I’d struggled it, I always felt so very self conscious.  Now though, I feel it’s entirely fine if I want a more monochrome wardrobe, or if I’d rather keep a few select items of colours.  What is most important, is I know what suits me and what I’m happy wearing.  I will still undoubtedly have the odd “fashion over form” moment, but that’s entirely fine with me.

I read this book quite quickly, which made me sad, but as I said at the start, it’s not a heavy read.  You could easily get through this in a day if you had it to yourself.  So if you’re a fan of fashion, all things french, are an aspiring blogger, or just fancy a light read, this book is just what you need.


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  1. Interesting. I do enjoy immersing myself in new books from time to time even those that are not the conventional #selfhelp book. I have seen a lot about this book through my other feeds so I might just have to pick it up sometime. Thanks for the key points and not letting and spoilers through. (I have a hard time doing that sometimes.)

    1. I did struggle to describe it without just telling all the various story pieces. You should definitely check it out, cannot recommend it enough.

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