Makeup Use Up Update 1

Makeup Use Up Pt2

I thought it was about time for a catch up on my Makeup Use up 2016!  Mostly I’m just excited because I’ve actually used up a few products!  Go me!

So let’s start with the products I am trashing.  First is the Sleek Control Shine & Prime* face primer.  I did enjoy this and I think I’ve got 99% of it out.  I will likely repurchase in the future, once I’ve used up all my other primers!  I also scrapped about 99% of the foundation sample on the left, I’m still unsure which foundation this is..possibly YSL, Esteé Lauder or Dior…very helpful! I did like this, I will have to investigate.  The sample of Mac Face & Body has gone off, it’s practically solid!  So I’m sure what happened there?!  It’s going straight in the bin.  I’m chucking the Clinique Bottom Lash* mascara, it was starting to irritate my eyes, so time for the bin.  I doubt I’ll repurchase this in future, any other mascara will do, the small wand is nice but I’m not buying a new one, in fact I might just clean the wand and keep that! Winner!  I have used up my NYX Micro brow pencil* in ash brown, I will undoubtedly repurchase this brow pencil.  It was a great fine nib and it applies really nicely, staying in place all day.  The last product that is being binned is the Jordana Fabuliner* in black.  This is a great wee felt tip liquid liner, I did enjoy it, sadly it has become hard to work with, skipping on my lid during application.  Not ideal.  I have a collection of other liquid liners that I must use, but I would recommend checking this one out.

So what is left and how is progress going?  My eyeliner pencil in Flinch from Illamasqua is noticeably shorter, win.  The lid now sits snuggly against the name of the pencil, hopefully for the next update, the name will no longer be visible.  I have been making a real effort with my Dandelion blush from Benefit*, I think it’s showing more pan. I use it about 3 times a week generally, so I’ve no doubt that I’ll have it all used up in a few months.  I’m slowly making a dint in the Chanel lipstick samples, I’ve still only used two of them however!  This month I will test out the other two as well.  From Urban Decay the De-Slick Mattifying powder* is so very nearly gone.  I’ve been using a damp mini powder sponge from W7, sweeping it around the edge and setting any concealer I’ve applied.  I’m making slow progress with the Wet n Wild single shadow in Brulee*, although the pattern is definitely less obvious than it once was!

I’ve two powders from bareMinerals the matte foundation* and Well Rested concealer*.  I’ve barely made a dent in these, I’ve resolved to try and use them a bit more.  I’m just a little be obsessed with my new foundation and concealer!  Another product I’ve been neglecting is the mac pro longwear concealer, again because I’ve been using other products. I will try to make more of an effort, but I’ve gone off this concealer a bit.   From Smashbox I have the Photo Finish Lid Primer*, which I’ve been making real progress with.  I tend to use this on days when I’m not wearing much eyeshadow and I have been using the Wet n Wild Brulee shadow to help set it.

I don’t think I’ll ever notice a dent in the Bourjois Java Rice Powder*.  I’ve definitely been highlighting more, however unsurprisingly, I’ve been using my recent highlight purchases.. but I’m highlighting more, which is a good thing surely.  The last product is the NYX blush in Taupe*. I have been making a concerted effort to use this.  It will probably last forever, seriously.  It is a great contour though, so no complaints here.

So that is it for the first update on my Makeup Use Up for 2016! If you want a closer look at any of the products, you can check out the video below.  Thanks for reading!  Have you been doing any sort of project pan?  How are you getting on using everything up?  Let’s keep each other motivated and high fives on using our makeup instead of letting it gather dust 🙂


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