Blogger Meet Up & Goody Bag

Blogger Meet Up

As you may have guessed from the title, I recently went a Brighton Blogger Meet up.  It was organised by Laura from Lola and behold – you should definitely check out her blog!  It was a wonderful event, so great to meet other local bloggers and some have us have even planned to catch up again for coffee, maybe our own laptop club!  The event was held in The Globe pub, in a nice downstairs area, even though it was nicely set up inside, the lighting was woeful, so apologies for some of the pictures. There were some lovely brands there and Laura also organised a charity raffle for Grass Roots Suicide Prevention, with a table stuffed full of prizes.


The brands that were there gave us wonderful goodie bags.  From Purepotions, we have three skin care samples, a Daily moisturising cream, Intensive moisturising ointment and an Intensive hand cream, all of which are made from oils and herbs and sound wonderful for my skin.  Homage are a wonderful local home and lifestyle store, so many cute things.  I bought a set of 3 notebooks with a marbled effect on the cover.  They also gave use some Meraki Remove Makeup wipes and Mint lipbalm, a small lined notebook, a towelled shower bag and a small felt pouch.  All very cute!  The other brand that was there on the day was Snact.  They make very tasty fruit jerky from surplus fruit & veg.  So instead of that produce going to waste, they make tasty snacks!  I got to try both the Apple & Mango and the Apple & Raspberry, the latter is my favourite of the two.  All the noms

Brand Products

We also got a massively over stuffed goodie bag from a quite a few other brands.  Let’s start with skin and body care.  I’m excited to try the Fruit Scrub, Fruitful Nights night cream and Vita Min Fix 24-hour cream from Green People, they also gave us a sample of the Quinoa & Artichoke shampoo & conditioner.  From Moo Goo we have an Anti-Ageing SPF 15 Face Cream, which sounds more than a bit wonderful.  I have two new face mask additions from anatomicals – the deep cleansing mud mask and the mattifying face mask, I did chuckle at the packaging.  I was delighted to get a bottle of Bio-Oil, bit of a cult classic and I’ve never used it! Disgrace!  As a bonus, it came with a fortune cookie.  The last bit of skin care was a cute sample from Bee Good for the Lift & Brighten Eye cream.  I got a Pink Grapefuit Fantasy scent from Body Fantasies, it smells quite sweet and fresh.  There was also a wonderful Vert Parfum candle from Wick Candle Boutique, a Chill-ed protect leave in treatment  and a Solero after sun lotion.

Skin care samples

Lastly were all the wonderful random extras.  You never know what surprises you might discover!  There were three different Life Tonics, with a few different flavours of coconut water.  A chocolate flavour U Fit protein drink and a Collagen + Beauty milk, interested in both of these.  We got a single tootsie roll from Candy Hero, I could’ve eaten about 30 of these easily.  From Funkin cocktail mixers, a white peach bellini and a raspberry mojito! I’ve a funny feeling I’ll be using these when I celebrate retiring fro dancing in a few weeks!  Now for more snackage!  We have two chocolates from esthechoc, which helps with skin health and slows the aging process – now that’s a chocolate I need more off.  They were very tasty dark chocolate.  We got two samples of the minty coco, which again I thought was chocolate.  Nope!  It’s actually coconut oil pulling, this will help brighten my teeth and give me a healthier mouth!  Actually very interested to try these out.  We got a few different snack pouches and some chocolate biscuit bars from Tasty Little Numbers – theses were gluten free – I am very happy about this and may have tried one with a cuppa, very tasty.  Will be investigating more of these   Lastly we have a month planner –  Stick to Stigu by Stigu.  This is really cute and practical, this may become our house planner!  We still haven’t bought a calendar, so this will help!

Random freebies

So that is everything!  If you want to check out the video below, I have included a few snippets from the meet up.  Cannot wait to get playing with all of the goodies!! Will keep me distracted for a while anyway!


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