Why Automated Direct Messages aren’t for me

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Now I’m aware that this is a controversial topic but it’s something that I seem to have been hammered with recently.  So I thought I’d share why automated DMs are maybe not the best idea, or at least not for me.  I just want to highlight the issues and maybe shed some light as to why people unfollow you almost as soon as they receive the dreaded DM.  I also want to point out that I have received some nice automated DMs that just say thank you for following, or something along those lines.  Today however, we are talking about the automated DMs that include all your links and that ask me to go and look at them all!

  • They’re incredibly impersonal.  It demonstrates that you’re more focused on numbers than people, well that’s what it screams to me.
  • I’m not a company, I’m a person!  Chances are if I’ve followed you I’ve checked your bio, so I know where your links are and what you’re about.  I don’t follow every Tom, Dick & Harry, I investigate beforehand.  Don’t throw a sales pitch at me.  We are peers.
  • I’m waiting to see some of your tweets before I decide to check out more of your social media.  Don’t force the issue, it’s like standing over someone and forcing them to like all your social media. Rude.
  • If you want me to investigate your blog or YouTube channel, start a conversation.  Seriously.  I don’t bite, I genuinely enjoy having the chats!  In fact it makes me more likely to engage with you more and more likely to check out all your stuff.  Unlike an automated DM.
  •  It feels like a fake smile or a weak handshake.  We’ve all had these, the fake smile that covers the “oh god I really can’t be bothered talking to you but you may be someone of importance in future”, or the weak handshake of someone looking over your shoulder to check if there is a more interesting person in the room.
  • It just feels rubbish.  I’ve received one useful automated DM in all my time!  It was for gluten free pizza bases! Wooooooo!!!   Unsurprisingly, it was from a company.
  • If you must use automated DMs, why not just send a nice thank you?  It’s much nicer and it will start a conversation!

Yes automated DMs can be useful, however if you’ve taken the time to click Follow on my account and I’ve taken the time to pop over and check out your profile, why not just send me a personal message when you’ve seen my follow?  It’s only going to take a matter of minutes, yes I know we’re all busy, but we’re all people!  Say hi!   Are you following that many people in quick succession & expecting follow backs, that you need to automate a response?  Not sure if that’s a good sign?

Don’t confuse automated DMs with scheduled tweets.  Scheduled tweets allow us, to make sure everyone can see our latest posts, even when we don’t have internet access or unable to tweet anything out.  These are tweets to the world, not one individual.  I think it’s important to still spend time engaging with people on twitter.  I want to do more of this – did I mention that I’ve a month of full on training before I regain some free time?  I always pop on during my lunch break and if I get a chance in the evenings.  I jump on my timeline for a bit and engage with tweets that spark an interest.  What is stopping you doing the same?  If it’s a priority you make time.  At the minute for me, my priorities are training for the World Championships.  Once they’re all over, my priorities will shift to getting back into my social media and engaging with my peers more.  They’re an excellent bunch of people and I enjoy the conversations I have with them!  I’m either having a chuckle or learning something new, often both!

12 thoughts on “Why Automated Direct Messages aren’t for me

  1. I HATE auto DMs to me as a blogger it screams they think they are better, they won’t follow back and they don’t have time to actually say hello. To me they are plain rude. I go to the effort to avoid their blog as soon as I get an auto DM, I’m a person not a number 🙂


  2. They’re not my favourites. At all. And I do struggle to see how they work for ANYONE. But I guess they must because it keeps happening! For me the crux of the whole thing is in the ‘social’ bit of social media, instead of being talked at, I want to be engaged in a bit of chitter chatter.
    Well said!

    1. Me too! I wonder are some people working of suggestions made by crowdfire, it seems to be where most of them are generated. I’m always a bit disappointed when I get one. Like you I love a good chat instead!

  3. Urgh! I have auto DMs as well. It really puts me off when I see them, it’s like they are trying too hard. Same thing with pop ups asking for your email address as soon as you land on their site!!

    1. It is something odd like that. I don’t mind the email pop up as much, although they should definitely tweak the settings a bit to give it a bit longer. At least it doesn’t arrive in your inbox asking you to check everything out. I think the fact that it’s impersonal but arrives in my inbox, that’s the bit the frustrates me. I feel like another number. A pop-up you can ignore and close.

  4. I honestly will never understand why people use these – it almost makes me want to unfollow them lol. As you say, if I’ve followed then I’ve already visited their blog and decided I like their content so don’t need reminding. I feel like at best they’re unnecessary and at worst their plain annoying! xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

    1. Very much agree. I often wonder at what point they thought it was a good idea. I thought maybe it’s newbies that are taking advice directly from crowdfire – which would of course promote one of their functions. However, some of these people have a decent following and have been clearly at it a while! So maybe they’ve lost that connection to their audience anyway? Either way, it’s terrible logic.

  5. I don’t like those automated messages either, they get so irritating! Like you say, if you follow someone you already know a bit about them. I’ve received quite a few recently and don’t understand how anyone thinks they’re welcome at all.

    1. I’m still surprised when I receive them, they should have stopped by now. It always feels a bit intrusive and out of date. Not a fan.

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