February Goals

February Goals

 So the month of January was about getting my health in order and spending some time trying to get a handle on my health.  This has been much more piecemeal than I would’ve liked.  We have had a few of the Thug Kitchen recipes, although I decided against buying their book in the end.  Instead I’ve bought the Deliciously Ella book, this was after another bout of tummy trouble.  I found it hard to maintain any kind of consistency in the food I was eating.  I could use the excuse that it was my husband’s birthday and I had a lot on – which I did.  In truth, I just didn’t make enough of an effort, I was easily distracted by shiny things and just didn’t spend enough time looking up recipes and learning more about the food going into my tummy!  In saying that, I definitely consumed far less gluten and felt the benefit, it was even more obvious when I did eat gluten that it’s just not for me sadly.  The cramps and bloating are not worth it.

I’ve now started to go through the Deliciously Ella book and this month I am going to aim for 3 recipes a week from the book.  Even if I repeat the odd one.  I just need to start swapping out my meals more.


The other goal for January was the slow declutter.  This is ongoing and I’m happy to report I’ve cleared out a few kitchen cupboards – I actually discovered products that should’ve been used up back in 2010..some even earlier!  I’ve also had a go through my wardrobe and drawers, I need to do another sweep of those.  I just need to keep on with this task.


So my main goals for February.  The healthy eating thing as discussed.  Going to the gym once a week to do some HIIT training, that is firmly on the to-do list, in fact I should have already been today!  Ask me on twitter, check I did actually go, please.


For tech goals I’m going to learn how to do an end card.  I’m not sure I’ll get this implemented but I want to know how and find out if I can get it sorted.  So that’s the main aim.  I may also start researching a new camera as my lovely Panasonic is slowly starting to fade…to be expected after a few years hard use!


So that’s it for the month really.  I’m not going to overdo it this month.  Things are still flat out until the World Championships, which are at the end of March.  It just means I have less free time than I once had…well at least for the next 8 weeks!  So I’m going to focus on those for now.

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