January Goals

January Goals

So I set myself only a few goals for December, I decided to get involved in Vlogmas throughout December – I’ve put together a Vlogmas playlist if you fancy a catch up.  I also aimed to complete my Media Kit and lastly I wanted to get working on my fitness again.  So how did I fair?  I think I deserve a gold star this month!  I managed all three.  Quite chuffed.  Vlogmas was tough going, producing 2 additional videos on top of the 3 existing videos was quite a bit more work.  I had a video for Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday! Plus the odd additional blog post on a Wednesday.  I thoroughly enjoyed taking part and it was lovely to chat to you all on an almost daily basis.  In saying that, I’m pleased it was only for a month.  I don’t know how people do daily vlogs while working full time, it’s a serious amount of work – especially when you’re trying to improve the quality of your videos and add smooth transitions and music overlays, you get the idea.  I’m looking forward to vlogging on a weekly basis again and spending more time playing with my editing on them again.

I finished my Media Kit!  I’ve added a link to it to my sponsor page.  I used a few different resources to investigate this and I built it on Canva.  If you’d like some more information on this, let me know and I can gather together a list of useful information.  My fitness is a slow burn, I have been exercising more, slowly but surely.  I’m going to keep working on this and working on improving my stamina.  My big competition is in a few months, so I need to keep working hard!

So now on to my goals for January!

After having a bit of time off over Christmas I’ve have time to consider quite a bit.  My health has taken a nose dive in recent months, a mixture of new job & work environment, with the added fun of working almost full time on my blog and youtube channels in the evenings and weekends.  Then there was the addition of vlogging every day in December, that was on top of my regular blogging and vlogging schedule.  With the extra training I was squeezing in and all sorts of other fun, it’s safe to assume that I overstretched myself just a bit by the end of the year.  My IBS flared up as I didn’t manage it particularly well, I consumed a huge amount of sugar in December, as well as any carbohydrate I could lay hands on!  Did I mention I’ve issues with gluten? And although I did do some dance training, I didn’t really exercise as much as I would have liked.

So all in all, I think I need to take my health in hand!  I was lucky enough to get some book tokens for Christmas!  I mean who doesn’t love book tokens.  I’ve decided to purchase the Deliciously Ella cook book and the Thug Kitchen – although I’m going to test out a few more of their recipes before purchasing!  I want to start from the inside out, I’ve learnt that if my tummy is not happy, both my mental and physical health suffer.  We really do run on our stomachs!  I think I’ve reached a point where I’m sick & tired of being sick & tired.

So the main aim for January?  Change at least one meal a day to one of the Deliciously Ella recipes or the Thug Kitchen.  I might start with breakfast.  I’m hoping by the end of the month I’ve swapped out most of my meals, but let’s start small shall we!  Make manageable.

The only other thing I want to accomplish this month – continue with my slow declutter.  I’m calling it a slow declutter as I’m dedicating about 15 – 30 mins slots to decluttering.  There are areas of our flat that drive me potty that I just keep ignoring, hoping they will sort themselves out.   I’ve already decluttered my phone quite a bit as well as my mac.  So that’s a start.  I’ve a series coming up on things like this, so I’ll add in more detail there.  It’s surprising how happy it makes me to declutter areas.  It’s like a weight being lifted off my shoulders.  It’s wonderful!

Nothing tech related this month, I just need to focus on these two important goals and take some actual steps to healing myself.

What are your aims for January?  Have you any overall goals for 2016.  I’m still sorting through a realistic list of things I would like to accomplish in 2016, I think I’ll pop it up at the end of the month.  It’s good to have time to consider these things I think!

4 thoughts on “January Goals

    1. Me too! We have just accumulated so much stuff in our flat, I really need to tackle the stuff we have just shoved under the bed & forgotten about. I’m hoping that if I’m just slow & steady I can build up to tackling the bigger areas. It’s surprising how easily it all builds up! Plus I’m one of these folks that holds on to things “just in case”. That needs to stop! Good luck with your declutter!

  1. It sounds like you were super busy in December and got a lot taken care of for your blog! Kudos to you, lady! So sorry to hear that your health took a backseat though! I can definitely sympathise with you, as I have a lot of stomach issues as well (allergic to lactose fructose and I have acid reflux)! Have you been tested for those sugars or gluten as well? If not, I recommend doing so! I worked with a Low Fodmap diet for a bit and eliminated spicey and acidy food and slowly re-introduced some things to see what my stomach could handle and now I have a pretty good idea of what to and what not to eat. Wishing you a healthy January, lady!

    Rae | Love from Berlin

    1. I never thought about sugar intolerance. I definitely have issues with lactose and gluten. I seem to be fine with fruit, my body tends to crave it, which is often a sign that it needs it and thankfully I’ve not had issues with it. I think I probably have more issues with process sugars & foods. My body never really responds well to it. I’m in the process of weaning myself off process sugars, it’s hard! But it will be worth it 🙂 You’re the second person now to mention the Low Foodmap diet to me, I really must investigate. I know I have issues with onions and some other acidic foods, so I must learn more about it! I’m hoping if I just continue to make small changes, it will be more sustainable. Thanks for dropping by & for the info! Much appreciated.

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