Foggy much?!

Check me out, shiny new mid-week vlog!  I know! I was vaguely surprised at myself being this organised too!  Anyway, it’s been a fun few days.  up to London through some serious fog, seriously, I thought Brighton had disappeared into the abyss.  I also got an a lovely beauty event at The Body Shop, I may have treated myself & got a rather wonderful bag of goodies.  The husband even did a mini take over!  It’s all going on I’m tell you.

2 thoughts on “Foggy much?!

  1. what a stunning shot of your window Aine! It is insanely foggy in your area – I’m a bit jealous! I love foggy/cloudy/rainy weather 🙂 stay warm ♥

    1. It was an interesting morning, I’m guessing you loved the shots of the trees as I travelled up to London! It was such a foggy day, it’s the same day that I took that picture for instagram – although it was clearly a lot thicker when I first got up out of bed to do my stretches! I’ve all the layers going on 🙂

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