Empties #6 The Big Cull

Makeup Empties

As you can probably see, I’ve had a bit of a clear out.  I’d a lot of makeup I was just hoarding without actually using it, alongside lots of  nail polishes that had gone a bit funny.   So as that’s the case, let’s just get stuck in.  I’ve quite a few Barry M nail polishes, a few magnetics ones, glittery ones and the rest are normal colours.  I like Barry M polishes, these were just going unused and went a bit funny.  The same goes for the elf polishes.  From Illamasqua I’ve 4, I didn’t really get on with these polishes and they’d all separated at this point.  I’ve a Ciate nail art beads bottle that I never used.  From Star Gazer I’ve two polishes, I did like these but I rarely wore them.  Lastly for nails I’ve a 24K Gold base coat from Avon, I used most of this before it got too thick, I might repurchase in future.

From Collection I have a Shimmer Shades blush, I’ve only used this a handful of times, I just have other blushes I prefer.  The same goes for the Me Me Me Shimmer stack.  It was fine but I rarely used it.  The Benefit benetint has sadly turned funny.  I used about half of this, mostly on my cheeks.  I did enjoy it and would consider buying this again in the summer.  I have 3 Maybelline Color Tattoos, all have dried up sadly.  I did enjoy these but they got forgotten in the back of my eyeshadow drawer.  I still have a few that aren’t dry, so I’m going to make an effort to use those more.  I’ve a single shade from Rimmel and a single from 17.  Wasn’t a fan of either of these.  I’m getting rid of this Nude eyeshadow palette from Physicians Formula, these weren’t particularly pigmented and again I just wasn’t using it.  This Metallic Cream shadow from collection has sadly dried out, this was a lovely colour and it did get some wear before drying up.  An eyeshadow pencil from Collection sadly went unloved, I wasn’t the biggest fan of this sadly.   I’ve a Rimmel Exaggerate eyelid primer that just never really worked for me.  Another Rimmel product is the Wake me Up mascara, the brush was a bit big for my liking.  The Fasl Lash Effect waterproof mascara from Max Factor worked really well and was just past it’s best.

More Makeup Empties

I’ve eyeliners from Rimmel, No7 and Barry M that are all very dry and not worth sharpening.  I’ve a lovely Urban Decay cream eyeliner in a brown shade, which is very past it’s use by date and I don’t want to risk using on my eyes.  I’ve two brow gels,  one from Rimmel and one from Benefit.  These were fine but I prefer the L’Oreal Brow Plumper, so I’ve chucking the other two that are on their last legs.  While going through my nail collection I discovered these Elegant Touch Little Mix false nails, I’ve already worn this set once and they were lovely but these are the spare sizes left over.  I’m chucking an almost full sample bottle of the Dr Bronner’s Castle soap.  I couldn’t get on with these and I didn’t like the way it left my brushes not feeling as clean as I would’ve liked.  I’ll stick to the brush cleansers I have and baby soap.  Lastly for cosmetics, I’ve some cosmetic soft lenses with red rings.  I wore these for my Hallowe’en fancy dress and they rocked.  I might investigate these again in future if I do another look.  I’ve also finished up a peppermint lip balm!  Finally!  I’ve far too many lip balms lying about that I’m trying to finish up.

Empty Toiletries

We’re almost there!  Skin care and hair care.  I’ve an eyemask and face sheet mask, both from Timeless Truth, loved them, I’ve more to test out! From Vichy I’ve a Night Detox, which I’ve already repurchased.  I’ve finished a dermalogica face cream sample, a Dior face cream sample, both were fine but I won’t be purchasing full sizes.  From Botanics I’ve a Radiant Youth eyecream, this has turned and separated.  I’ve used up this Lavender hand cream from Crabtree & Evelyn, I used it mostly at night but I think I need a thicker one for winter.  I’ve two samples of shower cream from Elemis, again fine but I won’t be buying a full size.  I really enjoyed the De Lorenzo nova fusion conditioner, it left my hair so soft, even when it’s left on for only a few minutes. I finally got around to finishing the Macadamia shampoo from Lidl, it was a bit striping, won’t be repurchasing.  Another product that I had to force myself to finish, the Touch of Silver Colour Care Shampoo.  I got this for when I bleached my hair, however I don’t think it did much.  From Nivea is this happy time shower cream, liked this and will likely repurchase.  I’ve a practically full bottle of the Soap & Glory Mist You Madly body spray.  Not a fan of this, so I’m binning it rather than hoard it!  Lastly, a used up bottle of Cutex strengthening Nail Polish Remover.  This was fine but I generally just pick up whatever is on offer.


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