One LBD, 3 Parties!?


We’re at the height of the Christmas festivities and there are nights out & parties to be enjoyed.  I suddenly realised that I’ve a few parties to attend this year and I’m reduced to only one Little Black Dress!  This whole minimal thing is hard work!  So time to figure out a few different ways to wear my LBD.  You’ll notice I’ve added colour to each outfit, you may have noticed from my hair, that I’m a fan of colour!

 First up, add some sparkle!   I have this wide belt with a sparkly buckle.  I’ve added some colour with these matching bag and heels – which again have some sparkle!  Add in a chunky bangle and I’m good to go.


Second up, I’ve gone for comfort.  My ankle boots from Hotter shoes are some of the most comfortable boots I own.  Add in some purple tights and some simple accessories.  A silver cuff bracelet, skinny black patent belt and a tiny clutch.  You could swap the tiny clutch out for a bigger one, like the in the next photo.


The last option is my personal favourite, it lends itself to more of a rock chick vibe, smoke out that eye and vamp it up a bit.  I’ve gone with my jazz shoes from Clarks – again with the comfort.  I like a good dance!  I’ve paired them with mustard yellow tights, a wide belt with zips and a bigger clutch.  For accessories I’ve gone with a gold & black bracelet and a gold wrap bracelet.

You can check out the video below if you’d like to see me dancing about like an idiot to some fun music, all while trying to show off the clothes 🙂  What can I say, I wanted to try out something new!

2 thoughts on “One LBD, 3 Parties!?

  1. lovely outfits, Aine! I love your hair and you look super cute in all those colored tights! Hope you’re having fun at all these parties ♥ wish you a happy Christmas + new year!

    1. Thank you Tianna! I am such a fan of my coloured tights, I’ve stripey ones and everything 🙂 Happy Christmas and I hope you have a wonderful start to the year x

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