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Hotter Shoes Collage

I was invited to a rather fabulous event last week.  Hotter Shoes have recently opened a Brighton store and they decided to have a few blogger evenings to introduce the brand and let us try on all the shoes in the shop!  Well ok, not all the shoes, but we all did try on quite a few pairs of shoes!  We even got to take a pair home, which I was delighted about for more than one reason!

Hotter Shoes Opening Nibbles

There was of course a lovely selection of nibbles and I had a glass or two of prosecco.  However, I’m sure you’d rather hear about the shoes.  I had never heard of the brand before the invite, so it was great to hear the history of the shoes.  They started out selling slippers in 1959, before moving on to make comfortable slip on shoes and then graduated to making fabulous shoes that are as comfy as slippers.  They are clearly doing something right as they are making more shoes than any other shoe maker in the UK!  So they’ve 100% control of the quality of the shoes being made.  They have clearly figured out some sort of magic to make their shoes incredibly comfortable!

Hotter Shoes Ankle Boots

They’ve designed some stunning shoes and they have such a wide variety of styles.  From your necessary sensible shoes, to the down right fabulous shoes.  I did fall in love with the Lillianna shoes below, but I know in this woeful weather I may not get much wear out of them.  I liked the heel and the general style, so thankfully I spotted the ankle boots to the left!  Although it should be noted I also wanted a pair of Donna heels, Seaton shoes (which I may have pinned to my style board) and a pair of Shipley shoes – the brown/black pair if you wanted to get me a Christmas present!

Hotter Shoes Heels

In the end I went for Narelle boots, I was torn between tan and slate grey, but I fell in love with the slate grey once I put them on.  I think my face was an absolute picture when I actually put the boots on.  I just couldn’t get over how light and comfy they were – I may have done the odd lunge just to check the impact.  They call this the #HotterMoment, it’s an odd sensation I have to admit, but wonderful.  I’ve worn these a few times since and I’ve had quite a few compliments, some my work colleagues have already added a pair to their Christmas wishlist.  I can happily walk to & from work (40mins each way), pop out for lunch, cover miles walking around the office and my feet are still happy by the end of the day.  This massively surprised me, normally shoes are comfy until you have to wear them running around, heels in particular, not an issue in these boots.

Hotter Narelle Boots

I was once advised to spend more money on things that were between you and the ground on a daily basis, shoes and beds.  I’ve always bought good quality shoes, so I’m delighted to add Hotter shoes to my list of brands to buy shoes from.  I only wish I’d discovered them sooner.  I’m looking forward to testing out their h92 shoes, we had a bit of a play with them on the night, I couldn’t get over how light they were!

I could rave about these shoes all day to be honest, but I’ll stop there.  I have some style posts coming up with these lovely boots, so keep your eyes peeled.  If you just cannot wait, I’ve already done an outfit post on Instagram.  You can find out more about Hotter shoes on their website and of course, you can buy your own pair!  If you want to see a few snippets of the event, you can check out Vlogmas #1 All the good things.

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