December Goals!

December Goals

Can you believe it’s the last month of 2015!  Bring on 2016!!!  So before we get stuck into my December Goals, let’s have a quick round up of my November Goals.

My scheduling hassles have vastly improved.  I’m no longer taking on freelance work, however I’ve now decided to do vlogmas…more on that later.  I’m generally getting all the recording and photos done on the weekend, apart from when I’m ill.  But it’s lots better and I’m feeling less stressed.  Spending less, I nailed it in November! Seriously! I had £50 left over which went on the credit card immediately.  I’ve a funny feeling I won’t do as well this month, between presents, parties and all the fun stuff. But I will be careful.  I can recommend using the cash envelope system, it really helped me.   Media Kit, I entirely failed on this front.  Skilling up,I totally nailed this one, I did a stop motion video for my Planner or Diary? video.  OK so goals for December you cry?

Media Kit.  I’m closer than where I was.  I’ve found some good information on what to include and I’m found a way of doing it that should be editable in future!  Well I think so anyway.  So I’m hoping to do it this month.

Vlogmas! So after deciding I needed less pulls on my time, I thought Vlogmas would be a good idea…yes yes I know. However, I’m only going to post 3 vlogmas videos a week.  I’m going to keep my Monday & Friday videos from my main channel and just add Tuesday and Thursday to the Sunday vlogs, all on my second vlogging channel.

Fitness. This is something that requires a video chat or post maybe. In short, I’ve let it all slip.  I think because I was overwhelmed with all the work, I stopped going to the gym and just lost motivation a bit..I may have also eaten my body weight in rubbish.  This has started to turn around again now that I’m less rushed, plus I’ve put on more weight, almost a stone in fact!  My clothes don’t fit right any more and I don’t feel as light on my feet.  So this has got me moving again and I actually went to the gym on Monday evening.  I need to start incorporating more yoga though, my endometriosis is gradually becoming worse.  I know eating well and practicing yoga on a regular basis helps massively.  Obviously exercise in general helps but yoga has a noticeable impact.   So this month is about getting some better direction on the health front.  Expect a proper post on this soon.

That’s it for the goals this month.  I’m going to keep on with my finance goals, that’s a given.  I don’t want to set too many this month as it’s busy.  I hope you got to enjoy my first vlogmas post!  What are your goals for December?  How did you get on in November?

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