Anti-Aging Sheet Masks? First Impressions

Timeless Truth

When I last went to the London Bloggers Fashion Week, I was given these sheet masks to try out.  It just goes to show how slack I’ve been on the skin care front, as I’m only getting around to testing them out now!  So this is a bit of a first impressions, with a mini review!  To start with, these have a bit of an odd texture.  I’ve tried sheet masks in the past and they do feel like cotton that has been soaked in either a serum or clay mask.  These sheet masks are made from a nanoscopic fibre cloth, which feels more like a gel than a cloth.  It does mean they’re a wee bit more fiddly to place, but fabulous once they’re on.  They’re both quite cooling and relaxing.  Thankfully the masks come sandwiched between two net masks – I would recommend peeling off one side of the netting and then apply the mask, before then peeling of the outer netting.


I used the Multi-Peptide Bio Cellulose Eye Mask one morning last week before work.  My eyes were tired and achy, looking puffy, bloody shot and frankly just unpleasant ! So once I’d cleansed I applied them below my eyes…now you may noticed that one of them is on back to front, I realised after application and did fix after the photos.  I think it can be forgiven as it was particularly early and I was clearly still half asleep!  After leaving them on for about 20mins I took them off and massaged in any remaining serum.  I have to say the skin around my eyes did look more hydrated, plumper and less dull.  It looked and felt good the rest of the day in fact.  So great for my poor tired eyes!   I didn’t notice any difference in the wrinkles around my eyes, or my crows feet, which is the main aim of this mask.  However, as I only had the one set to use, it was going to be very unlikely that I’d see a difference in them.
Timeless Truth Sheet Masks
The Bio Cellulose EGF Revitalising Facial mask I used on the weekend, in fact the day after the night my skin needed a bit of love to be honest!  Again I was looking grey, tired and unsurprisingly, dehydrated!   So again, I left one side of the netted mask on, removing it once I had the facemask in shape on my face.  I made sure to cover all my face with this.  This left my face looking hydrated and my skin was very soft to the touch.  Again similar to the eye masks, the face mask left my skin feeling plump and generally healthy looking.  Pretty impressive given my exhausted face!  I thoroughly enjoyed relaxing for 20mins with this on and I did massage in any serum that was left over.


I had no adverse reactions to either of these masks.  No irritation or rashes.  Just a nice cooling sensation!  So would I rush out to repurchase either of these?  I’m definitely considering the eye masks, they felt divine under my tired eyes.  I did enjoy the face mask too, but there are others I’d rather try out.  The eye masks retail for £3 for a single sachet or £18 for a box of five.  The face masks retail for £7.90 for a single or £38.50 for a box of five.  So neither are overly expensive at all.  You never know, I may treat myself to a selection of masks from Timeless Truth, as there are definitely a few more I’d like to test out.


Have you any sheet mask recommendations?  I’ve become a massive sheet mask fan, so all suggestions welcome!

2 thoughts on “Anti-Aging Sheet Masks? First Impressions

  1. Love TT masks, they’re fab. I have sensitive skin but had no adverse reactions..the Apple Stem is my fave.
    Heidi x

    1. I’ve that one to try out! They sent me out a few more to test that would suit my skin better. Cannot wait to test them out!! They are wonderful

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