Tips for making switching wardrobes fun

Tips for switching wardrobes

It’s that time of the year again when we put away our Spring/Summer wardrobe and get our Autumn/Winter wardrobe out.  Well you do if you’re limited on space like myself!  I’ve a few tips on how I get through the drudgery of this job and get through it a bit quicker.

Have something to listen to.  Whether it’s an audio book, podcast or music, having something to listen to while you do an boring task can make it a bit more fun as well as getting through it a bit quicker.  Maybe don’t listen to youtube videos, I end up entirely distracted by them and sit down to watch it.

Cup of tea.  I generally like to have a cuppa handy, or a beverage of your choice.  Again it just makes a boring task more enjoyable.

Clear out Summery Clothes.  Ok so we have something playing in the background and a cuppa to hand, time to tackle to clothes.  I like to start with the wardrobe, taking out all summery clothes and just heaping them in a pile on the floor.  It’s worth having a think about what clothes you didn’t really wear this year and you can either send them off to the charity shop now, or wait until next Spring/Summer and selling them on ebay.  I move on to my drawers after, making sure to tidy my drawers as I go, making space for my winter clothes.

Check your ironing pile.  There’s nothing more annoying to switching over your wardrobe and vac-packing it all away only to realise you’ve forgotten some in the ironing pile, or in the washing basket! So check the ironing pile or bag, if you have some clothes in for the wash maybe do your wardrobe swap once they’re sorted.

Tuck & Roll.  Once it’s all piled together you can get everything tucked & rolled up.  I find rolling my clothes is great for saving space and stopping things ending up very creased.

Vac Pack.  I keep everything vac packed and on top of the wardrobe, again the joys of no space!  So I’ll take down the Autumn/Winter pack and take everything out, popping them to one side.  Then put all my Spring/Summer clothes away all rolled and vac-packed out of the way for another year.

Declutter.  This is a great opportunity to get rid of anything you didn’t wear in the previous year.  Again either sell it, send it off to the charity shop or bin it if it’s no good.

Freshen Up.  Sometimes clothes can end up a bit smelling a bit fusty.  You can either just air them out, I tend to leave some of mine hanging next to open windows for a few days.  If I don’t think airing them out will help I’ll just pop them in the wash.

Job done!  Have you any tips to get through some of the more dreary tasks for this time of the year?  I’d love to hear them!

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