Joe Browns Blogger Fun Fair

I have other photo heavy post for you.  These are all from the Joe Browns Blogger Fun Fair evening, I had such fun!  There was popcorn, fishing for ducks, fabulous clothes, shoes and accessories scattered about.  How could I not have fun!  I may have tried on a rather fabulous fleece shawl, so snuggly and perfect for Autumn.  The photographer managed to snap me in it…yes ok I tried it on about 4 times!  Wishlist item one.  Oh did I also mention the rather wonderful corsage shoes?  Yep, they’re also going on the wishlist! Joe Browns FunFairJoe Browns Cardigancorsage Shoes40s Style DressWrap style Dress Joe BrownsJoe Browns Gifts

I’ve a few photos from the catwalk, sadly the lighting was a bit woeful.  Thankfully however there was a photographer at the event!  So the picture of the shoes and the goodie bag picture are my photos, the rest have been supplied, I edited them slightly.  We were given a bag with sweets, the catalogues for the Autumn collection and an utterly fabulous light-weight, purple, bird print scarf.  I’m already very much in love with this scarf, you may have spotted it in recent videos!  Expect it in a style post soon.  I may also be a bit in love with the Julie Dress (4th picture from the top), it reminds me of classic 50s style dresses.  Item number three for the wishlist!

You can check out the video below for a look at what I got up to at Bloggers London Fashion Week and the Joe Browns event.  I can only apologise for the lighting, I did try to lighten the video with no joy, I clearly need some form of lighting for my camera.


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