Back on the healthy train!

Our weekly vlog is up! This week I’m getting back into training again and eating better.  I’ve shared some breakfasts with you, if you’d like to see more of what I’m eating, let me know! I mentioned in my recent post that I’m signed off to start training again too, so there’s a bit of that.   There’s plenty of morning chats and a bit of dog walking too!

4 thoughts on “Back on the healthy train!

  1. Aine, I’d love to see more videos of you Irish Dancing, to see the steps and hear the music! I used to Irish dance and I miss it so much, sometimes it just ‘happens’ though whilst making the dinner or mid-aisle walk in Sainsbury’s haha.

    Emma | The Fashion Six

    1. I’m only dancing now for the first time in 8 months, so it’s incredibly rusty at the minute. I might do slightly longer snippets so people can see the progress as I get fit again 🙂 Sadly I can’t always include the music because of copyright, which is rather rubbish. I will try and find some royalty free that I can dance to, I love hearing the clicks etc. I’ve been known to do the same while shopping or wandering home and the music comes on my headphones…bit embarrassing! So I can entirely understand finding yourself randomly dancing Emma! I think it gets stuck in our feet, once you’ve dance you will always dance 🙂

  2. Love the clip of you dancing! Also loving your hair. Your dog is adorable! Glad you’re back on the healthy train 🙂 Me too. Been doing boot camp for the past month. It’s so exhausting, but good haha.

    1. Meg is such a cute wee dog, sadly she belongs to my best mate, but I get to go on the long walks and they visit us lots 🙂 Good woman doing the boot camp. I need to seriously remember I’m trying to lose weight too & not continue to eat rubbish whenever I fancy. Went to the gym last night & I’m physically shattered! I hoping in a month or so I’ll be stronger 🙂 We can do this!!

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