DIY Wedding Album & Guest Book

DIY Wedding Album

As some of you may already know, I got married to my lovely husband just over a year ago!  I am only now getting around to putting some of our photographs in an album…better late than never 🙂  So this is how I did it.  I’ve also included a great idea for a guest book!  Well I love it.

I bought a Stone medium linen covered photo album* from Paperchase, it has plain pages with tissue protective overlays.  I would note, it says 60pages, but that means front and back.  I only used one side of the page.  The first thing I did was split the photos into groups, photos from the chapel, from the reception and posed photos.  I then put the into mostly chronological order.  I quite enjoyed this part as I got relive a few moments and enjoy the memories all over again.  Once I was happy with the order I put them to one side.  I decided to start by adding two wedding invites at the start of the album, on the first page I placed an invite with the front facing forward and another on the second page with the invite details showing.

Organising photographers

I did generally just eye where the invites went, but you can use a ruler to make sure the invites are evenly placed.  To hold the invites and photographs in place I used transparent photo corners* – again from Paperchase.  These were a bit fiddly to start with but I got the hang of them after a placing a few.  I did use a ruler to make sure the photos were evenly placed, quick tip – I used the ruler to measure and then left the ruler over the photo to hold it in place while I put the corners on the photos.  Helps with the fiddly-ness!

Photo in album

I was going to use the moustache washi tape on the corners of the photos but I really liked the clean lines without the tape.  I thought I’d mention it though as it might be something that you might be interested in!  I’m sure I will find a use for it 🙂

An idea for a guest book, my sister-in-law created this for us.  We bought an instax 210 camera, which she used on the day to take pictures of our guest and get them to leave us a message on black plain paper.  We discussed the type of book to use and I loved the simplicity of the plain black scrapbook*.   She got everyone to sign in either gold or silver metallic pens.


We still enjoy reading the messages left over and over again.  It makes them even more special to have the pictures next to them.  We may have left some interesting table favours for our guests, but that’s a whole other post, but you can probably guess a few from the picture below – these particular guests may have also brought a few props…made it excellent!  It was an utterly wonderful wedding present.


So that’s it.  Although not much decoration needed or too much effort, I thought it would be worth mentioning a great budget friendly option for your memories.  Both books make me smile so very much and I will cherish them for many, many years to come.   If you’ve like to maybe see a few more photos and a quick flick through the end result – as well as see me faff with those photo corners, you can check out the video below!

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