#FlipYourLips!! My Experience


The Red Lippy Project is running a Cervical Screening Awareness campaign from today until Sunday (15th – 21st June).  This is something dear to my heart, so I thought it worth shouting about!

The reason this is close to my heart?  I’d a bit of a near miss.  Like a lot of people I kept forgetting to book my smear test, I’d had the letter but it had become swept up with all sorts of other post and forgotten about.  So when I did eventually receive yet another reminder I booked my appointment immediately.  I am thankful I did.  It turned out I had a large amount of CIN3 cell, which are very abnormal cells verging on becoming cancer and I had a small amount near the neck of my womb that had actually turned.  I was treated and I had a number of biopsies done.  Waiting for test results of biopsies was one of the scariest and hardest things to deal with.  I had no control over the outcome and the endless “what-ifs” left me sobbing on a regular basis!  The biopsies confirmed what the doctor suspected but it also confirmed that they had removed all the abnormal cells, including the cancerous ones and there were healthy cells underneath.  So they had caught it all.  I may have cried with relief and I was walking on cloud 9 for the following weeks.

I had numerous follow up appointments to confirm that everything was normal again and they had in fact caught it all in time.  I honestly dread to think what might have happened if I had left my appointment any longer?  I don’t tell you this to scare you or worry you, but to remind you how very important it is to get your smear test done.  If I had left it much longer I may not be here today!  Who would my friends & family chuckle at for dying their hair ridiculous colours?  Or doing random things.  My scare gave me a new found love of all things silly and I no longer tolerate anyone I consider a bully or negative person – life is a short & very precious thing.  So I now make sure I attend my appointments, I am back to the regular 3 year check up!  I also make sure I enjoy my life.

So do me a massive favour.  Make sure you continue enjoying your life.  Get a smear test done.  If you want to chat about your experience, or if you are going through the tests, colposcopies, biopsies, anything else that may be worrying you, please just drop me a line.  Honestly I do not mind in the slightest.   I’ve gone into much more depth in the video below, this post would be horrendously long if I went into the same detail sadly.  I just wanted to remind you to get your test done.

So why not take part in the #FlipYourLips campaign, take a picture of your lips, rotate the picture in instagram and feel free to tag any friends to take part – plus it’s a nice gentle reminder to those that may have forgot to book their test in!  Can you figure out what it reminds you off?? A bit tongue in cheek to say the least!

Some useful links:  What is Cervical Screening? What is a Colposcopy? What is Cervical Cancer?

Thanks for reading and I hoping this finds you all happy & healthy!

Look after yourself 😉

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