Tuesday Chats, Natural Deordorants

I’m sure I’m not the only person thinking more about what I am using on my body and the impact that it has.  For years I have used antiperspirant and I’m not entirely sure it’s the best thing for my body.  I worry about the aluminium in antiperspirants and as I’ve had a few women on my mam’s side get breast cancer, well I worry I’m increasing my risk of getting it too.  There is no solid proof for this at all, but I’m sure you’ve read the articles over the years.  So I thought it best to try and help my body a wee bit, I’ve had enough cancer scares to last me a lifetime!

I’ve been using PitRok Crystal Natural Deodorant Stick* and Spray* in recent months.  I initially mostly used them on the weekends – I knew I’d be mainly home and not doing anything too strenuous and I wasn’t sure of how well they would work.  I didn’t want to end up a sweaty mess in work!

There is no strong scent of either of these as they are fragrance free. They don’t stop you sweating, they’re not meant to.  I do think they keep me smelling fresh, however if I’m having a seriously sweaty day, they don’t help nearly as much and I am a bit less confident on those days!  One thing I’ve really noticed since switching to a more natural deodorant, my sweat doesn’t smell nearly as bad!  This took a wee while to change, but I think because I’ll allowing my skin to breath more, my sweat is starting to almost regulate itself more!  Winner!

To use the stick, after I get out of the shower I will dampen under my arms and apply the stick.  You can instead dampen the end of the stick with wet fingers – not under the tap!  It dries after a minute or so.  I then spray myself liberally with the deodorant spray.  The combination gives me a bit more confidence that I won’t end up stinking by the end of my day!

I have to say, it gives me some piece of mind using this and I’m pleased that my body is adjusting to using these products.  I think in future I may try some of the scented products from PitRok, although they are roll-ons.  Just because I like a scent from the deodorant!   There is a Berry Burst and a Crystal Roll On.

Would you consider using a more natural deodorant?  I think we should all consider the option.  I think it’s a bit of a shame that it is seen as a terrible thing to sweat – we’re all human after all!  I’m hoping notions change in society soon and we can be more accepting of sweat – it does get rid of toxins in there and helps our bodies…maybe one day.

If you’ve any questions, let me know in the comments.
Thanks for reading!

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