Tuesday Chats, Health & Fitness Journey

I’ve not done an update on this front in over 6 months…almost 8 months in fact!  After the run up to the wedding, I eased up on all of it for a month or so.  Then I started training for a few massive Irish dance competitions, it was around this time that I took up some light jogging with my sister-in-law.  Bring on some rather serious knee injury and frustration.   I have gone through months of physio and I’ve a few more months ahead of me, but thankfully I’m getting more and more movement and strength into my legs.

So exercise has been minimal.  I have not really been watching what I eat, so I’ve been slowly putting on weight.  I’ve not weighed myself in a very long time, but I can feel it in my clothes and general well-being.  My IBS flares up more often now and I’m not sleeping as well as I once was.

So where does that leave me?  Feeling rubbish and I’m generally not happy with myself at all.  I feel even worse when I pull on my jeans or skirts and have a muffin top.

So here is what I’m doing about it.  Well I’m starting by trying to engage my brain before I reach for rubbish rather than just mindlessly eating!  I’m also considering doing a juice detox for a week in a bid to help my IBS.  I recently watched Fat, Unhealthy and Nearly Dead.  I’m thinking either a full or partial juice fast will help my guts reset a bit.   Or at least give them a bit of a break.  I reason I’m thinking partial fast is that you should really drink the juice shortly after making it and I won’t be able to do that while working – you should only keep it in the fridge for a little while.  So I could have a lunch.  I’m incredibly frustrated with my IBS.  It flared up while I was on holidays recently and I missed out on a day of activities because of it.

I’m also going to try my hardest to only eat whole foods.  So I’m going to get more involved in the cooking!  I’m quite spoilt in that my husband does majority of the cooking.  However, I want to change what we eat a bit more – we eat good food, no ready meals etc, but if I want to improve it a bit more then I should make the food!  Plus it might mean I’m more thoughtful about what we eat.  I’m starting by making some coconut porridge and berry compote.  I’m just searching for a compote recipe that doesn’t require a huge amount of sugar!  Expect a recipe post on that when I figure it out more.

As for exercise, I’m gradually increasing my physio.  I’m not going to force my body and end up doing long term damage.  That is not the way forward.  I am going to have to retire from competitive Irish Dancing though, which is very hard for me.  I was finally at a level to really go for the World title.  I may have a competition left in me, but I don’t want to risk long term damage.  I’ve discovered I don’t bounce nearly as well as I did when I was under 30.  I will start to reintroduce yoga again, it works wonders!  I just tend to forget how much I love yoga and how good it is for me.

So that’s where I am currently.  I’m going to gradually start making some changes in coming weeks, so I might do a bit of an update in a month, I can let you know if my jeans fit better!  If I do the juice detox I’ll let you know if I feel any benefit and if my IBS improves at all.

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